Business Consulting Philosophy

A company’s long-term capital and sustainability is directly related to the quality of the relationships both internally and externally. Hogan C&C believes the heart, mind, and soul of an organization is strongly affected by individual people. Open, honest communication is the catalyst toward lasting change within a company.

Toxicity within an organization hampers growth, success, and employee satisfaction. Hogan C&C starts by removing toxicity out of strategy and relationships through small corporate meetings and individual sessions. One-on-one sessions provide a forum for group members to speak freely while providing valuable insights and data for the leader. This knowledge equips leaders with tools and data to improve processes and make difficult decisions.

If you think you have arrived at the answer, you haven’t asked enough questions.
— Irwin Kula, Yearnings

Common Reasons for Choosing Psychotherapy

  • Transition
  • Team dysfunction
  • Low employee morale
  • Frequent miscommunication 
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Business growing pains
  • Low employee satisfaction
  • Reduced workplace creativity
  • Repeated project difficulty
  • Leadership relationship dynamics